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  • For Immediate Release
  • 4/28/97

Keithley Adopts Scientific Software Tools' DriverLINX™ As Data Acquisition Software Driver for Visual Basic, C++, and Delphi

CLEVELAND, OH, April 28, 1997 - Keithley Instruments, Inc., today announced the formation of an alliance with Scientific Software Tools (SST), Inc., of Media, PA, that provides for SST to develop DriverLINX¨ software drivers for all of Keithley Windows™ 3.1-, Windows 95- and Windows NT-based data acquisition products, providing users whit and integrated, standard set of tools f or programming in Visual Basic, C++, and Delphi under these operating systems.

DriverLINX Standard Interface: DriverLINX provides users and program developers with a consistent, standardized, event-driven application programming interface for developing high-performance data acquisition applications. These applications communicate with DriverLINX through a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) or ActiveX (OLE) custom control interface.

SST's Leading Technology: Keithley MetraByte is standardizing on the award-winning DriverLINX series of data acquisition drivers because of SST's industry-leading software driver technology for the Windows environment. The SST alliance enables Keithley MetraByte to concentrate on its core competency in developing data acquisition hardware while SST functions as Keithley's software development group. "The new arrangement leverages the technology strengths of both organizations to create a stronger solution for our customers," says Skip Cook, product management manager for Keithley's PC Measurements Division.

Standard Set of Tools: By using DriverLINX as its new software driver standard, Keithley MetraByte provides users with a standard set of tools to allow programming in Visual Basic, C++, or Delphi when working on a Windows platform. DriverLINX is ideal for a user who wants maximum flexibility. "Since DriverLINX is hardware and operating-system independent, users can easily move their Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Windows NT applications to the latest Keithley MetraByte boards without costly software rewrites," says Cook. Also, DriverLINX provides a DriverLINX to the ASO (Advanced Software Option) interface to assist Keithley MetraByte customers with ASO-equipped applications in migrating to the new DriverLINX-supported Keithley MetraByte hardware.

Application Software Standard: As part of its software program, Keithley MetraByte has also adopted TestPoint™--an integrated application software package that does not require programming--as its data acquisition, analysis, and control package of choice. Standardization on this popular package--which is supported by scores of hardware manufacturers--will make it easier for users to integrate Keithley MetraByte products into existing applications. "DriverLINX and TestPoint together provide a 'best in class' solution for a broad range of applications," says Cook.

For More Information: To request additional information on DriverLINX software drivers, contact Keithley at:

Telephone: 888-KEITHLEY
FAX: 216-248-6168
Internet: Keithley Instruments, Inc.
Address: Keithley Instruments, Inc.
28775 Aurora Road
Cleveland, OH 44139-1891

For more information contact: Elise Furman, Scientific Software Tools, 1023 East Baltimore Pike, Suite 100, Media, PA 19063.

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