Press Release

  • For Immediate Release
  • 6/22/01

Mobile Lipid Clinic Partners with Scientific Software Tools, Inc. to Develop a Coronary Heart Disease Risk Assessment Calculator

MEDIA, PA June 22, 2001 - Scientific Software Tools, Inc. (SST) recently delivered to Michael H. Davidson, M.D. of Mobile Lipid Clinic a Global Risk Assessment Calculator program, a Palm OS-based tool which allows physicians to evaluate and educate their patients about Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) risks.

The Global Risk Assessment Calculator, which incorporates the new National Cholesterol Education Program Expert Panel On Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Cholesterol in Adults (Adult Treatment Panel III) guidelines, provides physicians with a unique way to quickly and easily estimate their patients true cardiovascular risk. By entering patient test results and history and physical data into the Global Risk Assessment Calculator, physicians can provide their patient with a statistical evaluation of their equivalent CHD age, based on the Framingham Heart Study. By communicating these results to the patient, the physician can reinforce the need and motivate the patient to improve one's lifestyle and maintain the medication program prescribed by the physician. The physician can also utilize this data to evaluate the treatment program for the specified patient.

For more information contact: Elise Furman, Scientific Software Tools, 1023 East Baltimore Pike, Suite 100, Media, PA 19063.

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