Development Accomplishments

Manufacturing Software—Improving Manufacturing Processes

Client: World’s Largest Manufacturer of Computer Disk Drives

Client’s Vision/Challenge:

  • Needed to upgrade computer systems used in their manufacturing process to support Windows technology.
  • Extremely tight time constraints for delivery of software.
  • No internal resources to develop product.

Why Customer Chose SST:

  • Client was referred to SST from an existing satisfied client.
  • Helped client further define product requirements.
  • Project methods facilitated design, development, testing and delivery on time and within budget.


  • Manufacturing, Windows, systems level programming, hardware interfacing
  • Tools: MS C++

End Result:

  • The clients project was completed within their time constraints and budget. According to the Sr. Manufacturing Engineer on the project, “we completed the $30 million project to upgrade all machines used in our manufacturing process. SST easily became part of our team, making certain we achieved our goal. Our application was under extremely tight time constraints. SST was extremely responsive”.


  • Device and kernel drivers
  • Extensive sample programs

The Right Choice