Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are experiencing pain in several different aspects of the business: new competition due to expiration of patents on existing drugs, challenges in bringing new products to market, and R&D costs growing significantly faster than sales. These companies are facing increasing pressure to improve their use of information technology to achieve business goals.

Are any of the areas below negatively impacting your time to market, and impeding your ability to attain the levels of efficiency you deserve?

  • Overwhelmed by new drug discovery technologies
  • Frustrated with time consuming traditional/manual methods of scientific data collection and management
  • Dissatisfied with your current/off-the-shelf LIMS system that does not exactly match your laboratory requirements
  • Dissatisfied with delays in clinical studies due to lack of automation
  • Current CTMS system is ineffective in meeting your needs
  • Alarmed by inefficiencies in tracking Regulatory submissions
  • The new PhRMA guidelines and industry trends affect sales reps detailing efforts leading to less face time with physicians; is your technology for eDetailing in place?
  • Aggravated with inefficiencies in managing the pipeline to its fullest potential by failing candidates that will never be a drug asset as early in the process as possible
  • Frustrated with inefficiencies in information management

Untold dollars and countless hours go into a potential new drug. Partner with SST to create applications that are easy-to-use, provide access to the right information, and support decision-making processes to protect your investment.

How efficient are you in the information management of your pharmaceutical data?