Development Accomplishments

Manufacturing—Simplifying Data Collection using Excel

Client: Leading Instrument Manufacturer

Client’s Vision/Challenge:

  • Create an easy-to-use Windows application that will allow users of client’s test instruments to quickly collect their data into Excel for analyzing and graphing of data.
  • Roll out a commercial product in 5 months.
  • Lack of internal resources to develop product.

Why Customer Chose SST:

  • 10-year track record of working with client delivering award-winning commercial instrument software.
  • Helped client clearly define product requirements.
  • Project methods facilitated design, development, testing and delivery on time and within budget.


  • Manufacturing, Windows, Excel add-in
  • Tools: MS Visual Basic, MS Excel

End Result:

  • ExceLINX" Software—Successful commercial product sold worldwide. New versions of ExceLINX under development to support client’s new instruments.


  • Excel-add in
  • No programming required
  • Data acquisition templates included
  • Excel processes data as acquired
  • GPIB, TCP/IP, and RS-232 compatible

The Right Choice