Development Accomplishments

Automated fax and email system—Web Services Delivers the Clinical Data

Client: Contract Research Organization

Client’s Vision/Challenge:

  • Client was responsible for conducting and managing an Electronic Data Capture study for a pharmaceutical sponsor under very tight time constraints.
  • Many of the investigative sites were slow in uploading their data to the central server putting the timeline of the study in jeopardy.

Why Customer Chose SST:

  • Successful track record of working with the client in the past.
  • Helped client clearly define requirements.


  • Web services, Windows and Web applications
  • Tools: ASP.NET, C#, MS Office

End Result:

  • SST developed a technology-based reminder system which dramatically increased investigative site response within hours and ultimately resulted in a very low non-participation rate.
  • The study was completed on time with the needed number of patient data.


  • Web services scan the clinical study database periodically for tardy sites and would automatically fax and email letters to the sites reminding them of their deadline and the number of patients reported to date.
  • Solution also identified the most delinquent sites for personal phone calls from the study CRAs.

The Right Choice